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Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Kitchens

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SharonHarris | 29 Apr 2015, 03:51 PM Agree 0
Kitchens are typically one of the first places in a home that needs to be upgraded, renovated or remodeled. Homeowners are quick to choose the hottest trends in order to give their kitchens a new and upgraded look, but there are definitely dos and don’ts that must be followed in order for you to get the most out of your kitchen and make the remodel project worthwhile. It is no secret that remodeling any part of your home, but especially the kitchen, is not a cheap project, and it is unfortunate that many homeowners waste valuable money on upgrades that are not necessary. Here are a few mistakes that are commonly made when remodeling kitchens and how to avoid making them.

Wasting valuable space

One of the biggest mistakes made during a kitchen remodel is wasting space. Before any construction begins, it is important to rid the kitchen of any unnecessary clutter. The kitchen is a common place for clutter to build, and you will not know how much space you actually need in your kitchen unless all unnecessary items and clutter are removed. Once this is accomplished, make sure you make plans for enough storage space for all of your kitchen supplies. Yahoo Homes encourages ample storage space for kitchens of all sizes. If you have limited space, there are ways you can still include storage such as installing extra long cabinets, utilizing cabinet space that is hard to reach like the cabinets above the refrigerator and installing shelves.

Underestimating counter space

A major reason to remodel a kitchen would be to increase counter workspace. Do not limit your counter space in order to make the kitchen seem larger. In fact, your goal should be to try to fit as much counter surface space as possible. Never underestimate the convenience and need for an island or L-shaped counter top.

Settling for poor lighting

Lighting is an important feature for a kitchen that should not be second guessed. Lighting is not only for looks, it is also for safety. If your kitchen is not properly lit, you risk injuring yourself due to lack of visibility. There are three types of lighting that a kitchen requires, which are illumination, task and accent. Have fun with kitchen lighting and use different structures like pendant or can lights instead of using the typical fluorescent lighting. You might also consider installing lights under the cabinets.

Being too trendy

When choosing color, features and décor style it is important to avoid trends that will quickly go out of style. If you like the short trends, make sure you can easily change outdated features for modernized features. Bold and trendy cabinet, wall and backsplash colors might be fun, but they definitely do not stay in season long, so you are safer to choose colors and features that are timeless and classic. Make sure you buy kitchenware that you will actually use and that will last a long time as well.

  • GeorgeBarnes | 15 May 2015, 09:06 PM Agree 0
    nice tips
  • laurawhite | 26 May 2015, 09:03 PM Agree 1
    I agree with you. Well, kitchen is one of the most valuable room of the house. I suggest that you should be comfortable with the contractor you've chosen for your remodel. And, you should look out for whom to entrust your beloved home.
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