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Darren Venter
  • 09 Sep 2020, 03:45:16 PM
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The importance behind a strong performing property portfolio, both from a cash flow perspective as well as growth, need to be heavily considered and aligned with your financial strategy. Darren (the director of Strat Prop) is a strategic property buyer’s agent who not only knows the ins and outs of property buying strategies but understands that the financial strategy needs to be heavily factored in, to get the best returns. Darren created his agency in 2018 after getting fed up while buying land for developers who were interested in their own pockets rather than the investor's returns. His work is focused around fundamental data which exposes growing and pre-boom markets. Building developers don’t always have this interest at heart and he feels they are generally after quick easy land. Strat Prop’s operation covers the eastern seaboard and the Southern States and monitors around 3500 suburbs performance, demographics, and infrastructure. Their formula is focused around the simple principals of being in the right place at the right time which allow them to find high growth positively geared properties. A great addition to their client experience is their project portal, which is an application that can be used on your smartphone or computer. Once a client is onboarded, you will be able to view their project progress, step by step as is progresses. All supporting documentation is also housed in the app as well as updates of each task, step by step, this is great for clarity and they have a transparent and education like approach with their clients. There is also a chat section inside the app, this doesn’t mean you're limited to that format of communication, but it’s just an additional means and very convenient. If you're interested in finding out more about him and his operations, click here and you’ll be taken to a page which shows and explains a little more about how he and his teamwork. His contact details are below but also on the site and has a booking page if you prefer to schedule a time to just have a chat. [email protected] 0404290149