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Q&A: Should I subdivide and sell?

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Your Investment Property | 02 Nov 2011, 12:00 AM Agree 0
I’ve had my home for more than 20 years, but have decided to downsize and move closer to the city. It’s a pretty old place and I was wondering what the merits are of knocking it down, subdividing and then selling the land? It’s my PPOR, so will I have to pay CGT?
  • Leanne Wortley | 30 Jul 2012, 02:58 AM Agree 0
    Thankyou for helping me understand a little in relation to subdividsing land and the possible misconcpetions t
    s I had. I am still a little hazey here though. I have a principal place of residence that original cost me $50,000 in 1983. I have also purchased the home next door in Nov 2011 for $335,o000 plus SA taxes. I had intended, in the future to subdivide and demolish both homes to build 4 new dwellings. I owe $350,00 plus $80,000 on the properties and am now unsure whether it would be worth while financial or not. Can you provide a few senerios for my situation?? Kind Regards Leanne Wortley
  • Frank Collins | 20 Dec 2017, 05:37 PM Agree 0
    Thanks for the article. I think demolition can always be considered, but research should be taken to understand the market so you can know what your financial kickback will be.
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