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'Still a landlord’s market' as vacancy rates tumble

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Your Investment Property | 22 Feb 2012, 12:00 AM Agree 0
The residential vacancy rate dropped in all of Australia’s capitals during January, meaning landlords still have the upper hand across most of the country.

  • The Gipper | 23 Feb 2012, 10:37 AM Agree 0
    This is great news for my investment property, but since I'm also a renter myself, I hope that my landlord doesn't hear about this and get greedy. Its trouble enough as it is finding a decent place to rent and if this makes rents soar through the roof, like I expect, I'm not going to be happy!
  • No double standards | 23 Feb 2012, 02:20 PM Agree 0
    Interesting that on one hand you think the rent squeeze is good for you when you have on the Landlord hat, however immediately assume your own landlord will become greedy and increase your rent.
    As a wiser person than I once said you do not expect behaviour in others that you do not find in yourself.
  • two hats | 23 Feb 2012, 02:23 PM Agree 0
    Interesting that as a landlord you are happy about the curent rental squeeze but immediatly assume your own landlord will raise your rent. Perhaps what you charge your own tennants in increased rental can contribute to any increase you get so you might end up with a nil effect.
  • Bumblebee | 23 Feb 2012, 03:24 PM Agree 0
    No double standards: I agree about the double standard, but the Gipper's got a point there. Some people might see this as an opportunity to esculate their rents, whereas more ethical landlords might keep their rents the same or only do a small increase
  • Gillizard | 23 Feb 2012, 11:30 PM Agree 0
    when rudd takes over they're gonna come knocking on our doors and take our properties away from us. we'll be wearing brown shirts in no time and will remember with tears the day we even had such things as tenants ;p
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