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tenants rights

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kinky | 14 Jul 2017, 01:25 AM Agree 0
being new in Australia, I got not option but to rent. turns out the landlady is a beneficiary of Centrelink..

I would humbly ask from you the following concerns:

is there a limit to washing clothes in a week? can I wash clothes everyday?
there were no written contract since the landlady is "technically not allowed" to have her place rented (which I recently learned)
I voluntary assignment two days of the week to use the washing machine. Unfortunately, the washing machine is small and can accommodate a few number of clothes. instead of one load, I had to divide the clothes into two loads just to have them properly washed.

my issue is that, I cant wash the bedsheets as well as the linens in one go and had to wash the clothes plus the sheets in 4 loads (it is not my intention to waste water or electricity but believe me I did try washing clothes in one go and the clothes seems dry and never washed after the washing cycle was done)

another issue is that I can't take a shower in the evening since I had shower in the morning.. is there a specific number of time I can take a shower/bath? I understand that the landlady isn't going for a shower everyday.. but it doesn't mean I can't take a shower too 😢

as a tenant, do I have to clean all the mess of the kids of the landlady? I mean, there are some instances I was told to clean (sweep floor) and mop the floor..

can I make a complaint against the landlady if and when there is no legally binding contract? just pay cash every two weeks.
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