Ready to invest in property?

By Kay Rivera | 05 Feb 2019

Property investing provides various opportunities to earn income—from selling valuable land to leasing a home.

It can give you financial security, but not until you are able to penetrate the market and learn the ins and out of the business. Hence, making sure that you are up for the challenge is a key step to success.

Here are some things you might want to consider before starting your investment journey.

1. Financial condition
Before you think about investing in property, you should have saved enough money for a deposit and considered how much it will cost you to settle monthly repayments.

If you have availed of a home loan, you need to be transparent in handling it. Failing to include expenses when making a budget will bring complications, including having to deal with insufficient funds, in the long run.

It is also essential to follow your savings plan and consult with financial advisors, as well as lenders.

2. Other costs that you need to pay
The expenses are not limited to the cost of the property, as well as mortgage repayments.

You have to remember that there are other fees that need to be settled. These include council rates, strata fees, gas and electricity, telephone and internet, property management costs, and maintenance costs.

Hence, having extra cash in place will increase the chances of your investment journey's success. Practical adjustments such us allotting cash for costs that are related to your property instead of splurging on a new car, some furniture or a holiday will help you achieve your financial goal.

3. Personal readiness
One of the most important components of property investment is the investor's willingness to be involved in the business as much as needed. Commitment is required to make it work.

Travelling for work, for example, becomes a hurdle in maintaining a property. You should consider this and hire someone to take care of this aspect if needed.

It is also essential to consider the stability of your job and the reliability of your business partner, if you have one.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before finally deciding to enter the property industry:

  • Will you be able to handle the responsibilities of being a landlord?
  • Will you be able to attend to tenants reaching out to you?
  • Will you have the motivation to keep the property maintained?

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