General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • In the quest to grow wealth and improve our lot in life, buying our first investment property is both exciting and nerve-racking. Smartline’s Michelle Schaafsma explains how low-income earners can get their feet on the investment ladder. read more

    • Often for new investors it is hard to know where to start or which strategy to use. In this four-part article we look at common tactics first-time investors adopt and whether they are right for you. Triana O’Keefe reports. read more

    • Sydney’s rabid growth run of recent history is over, leaving many investors looking for the next best place to park their investment dollars. The better question to ask may be ‘what’ rather than ‘where’, according to one industry expert, who says duplex developments are the key to driving big profits in the current market. read more

    • Your Investment Property readers John and Jane have built some positive wealth through two investment properties within their SMSF but are confused as to what their next step should be. With the help of super investor, founder and chief executive of Rocket Property Group Ian Hosking Richards, we outline a game plan to help propel their portfolio read more

    • Retirees need to plan ahead to make sure they end up with the enough time and money to enjoy their retirement. It’s important to not to waste your time, so you can spend time enjoying your retirement. Creating a retirement plan is a smart way to reduce the risk of your retirement funds running out before you do. read more

    • Your Investment Property reader Barbara Smith is ready to invest in property, but she and her husband have no idea where (or how) to start. They wrote in to ask for guidance, so we enlisted the help of our expert, Helen Collier-Kogtevs, to show them how to get their portfolio off the ground read more