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    • After a marriage break-up some years ago, and having just recently finished paying financial support for his now adult children, David is looking at kick-starting a property portfolio to secure his retirement. To help him map out the best strategies, we enlisted the help of property advisor and coach Ben Kingsley of Empower Wealth Group read more

    • Almost 1.9 million Aussies declare rental income to the ATO each year1 so buying an investment property would seem to be as Australian as football, meat pies and kangaroos. However, with the increase in property prices and the number of investment properties available for lease, investors are encouraged to carefully consider all risks before spending their hard-earned savings. read more

    • In times gone past, locating a big block of land and developing it into a duplex or multi-unit building was considered a sure-fire path to property profits. But today? You need a lot more than a prime block of land to ensure a successful development. Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • With many markets growing rapidly in value, can you still find properties selling at a discount? More importantly, how do you spot a gem among the duds? Your Investment Property spoke to the experts to get their top tips for finding these hidden gems read more

    • If you’re looking for ways to fast-track your property portfolio to the next level and reach your goals sooner, read on as our coach Naomi Beaumont guides Your Investment Property reader Rockney Wong on how to do it, step by step read more

    • You’ve heard of sites like Airbnb and Perhaps you’ve even used them yourself to book an affordable holiday escape. But have you ever thought of leveraging their services to supercharge your own investment property rental returns? It’s a clever way to generate a serious increase in income – provided you’re comfortable with the risks involved. read more

    • Your Investment Property reader Rockney Wong wrote in to ask for guidance on how to take his sizeable portfolio to the next level and become a developer in the process read more

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    • Fear of the unknown is confining many investors to the residential market. However, the reality is that commercial real estate is nothing to be afraid of. In fact there are some truths that may well blow you out of the water. Alastair Lynn sets out to shed a little light on the murky world of commercial property read more