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    • I would describe myself as a goal-orientated person by nature. I love to set myself inspiring goals, and as soon as I have ticked them off I don’t lose any time in setting some new ones to replace the ones that have been achieved. read more

    • Getting started in property investing can be a daunting prospect for a beginner investor, so Cate Bakos has put together a comprehensive and fully tested guide to starting a profitable property portfolio with minimum pain and maximum gain. read more

    • Investing in well researched, well located residential properties and holding for the long term has allowed many Australians to create substantial asset bases and achieve the financial freedom that they were aiming for. Myself included. A quick glance at the table below illustrates how well it has performed as an asset class over recent years, despite regular dire warnings from various doomsayers predicting market stagnation and prolonged periods of falling property prices. read more