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    • Record-high prices and mediocre yields in metropolitan Sydney have created a large cash flow gap for investors to fill. However, property investor Zack Raad has been able to almost double the rental return on his Cambridge Park property with the addition of a unique granny flat that stands out amongst all the others. read more

    • The argument is an old one: which is better - capital growth or rental yield? One gives you increasing value over a long period, while the other gives you dollars in your pocket right now. Obviously, both have their advantages, but deciding which is right for you will come down to your personal circumstances. read more

    • It takes time to build financial freedom, but if you only have a short timeframe ahead of you to build your nest egg, all is not lost. Michael Yardney, director of Metropole Property Strategists, shares his strategy for success to help readers James & Elizabeth, and others nearing retirement to plan for their financial future. read more

    • Your Investment Property spoke to Jeremy Sheppard from DSR Data, to find out why he says "low-income earners can become property investors even in high-end markets like Sydney". read more

    • Real estate has long been favoured as an investment strategy for setting yourself up for a financially free retirement. So what are the best ways to get started in building your portfolio – and what are investors doing today to ensure their property wealth continues to grow in the future? read more

    • Many people invest in property with a goal of creating a profitable property portfolio that sustains them in retirement. This means starting with your end goal in mind and working backwards. Philippe Brach from Multifocus Properties & Finance shows you how to create a retirement-ready real estate portfolio from scratch read more