General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • Australians are living longer. But for many, this won’t necessarily mean a longer retirement. In fact, analysis of ABS data from 2016 reveals that the number of Australians over 45 who say they don’t intend to retire until their 70s has increased by 15% in the last decade. read more

    • Investing in property can be a fast track towards financial freedom – but you have to get started somewhere. We asked Paul Wilson, founder and director of We Find Houses, to guide one young family through their options. read more

    • For retirement, a safe and steady approach will most likely lead to a more secure investment. There are a few boxes that you should be ticking to ensure the location you’re looking at is suitable for a long-term investment. read more

    • Investors all have individual goals and expectations on how their property investment performs as well as what returns will be optimal for their investment strategy. Some investors are looking for a quick turnaround and capital gains. Other investors are looking towards long-term investments with steady growth that provides positive cash flow. Others may be seeking to diversify their portfolio and include a mix of long-term and short-term investments. read more

    • On the back of impressive price growth over the last few years, first home buyers are finding it more difficult than ever to break into the housing market – particularly in areas where they’d most like to live. So it might be time for keen first-time property owners to take control and start to think a little laterally, suggests property coach Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring read more

    • How to make the biggest splash... and cash. Whether you’re selling a family home or an inner-city unit, a penthouse or a studio apartment, selling for maximum profit is all about making your investment property irresistible to buyers. Pauline Hatch reports. read more