General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • Property is generally considered a low-risk yet strong investment medium, so while many investors research locations and property types, few have a comprehensive and structured risk management strategy read more

    • Investing in real estate can do so much more than make you money. It can open new doors, create a different lifestyle, and even give you a crucial lifeline when things don’t go as planned... read more

    • Most housing market prediction methods involve relying on the past to predict the future. However, past performance isn’t always a good indicator of future performance, according to one insider, who shares a better strategy for locating the next boomtown read more

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    • For OpenCorp, investing in property is more than a smart financial choice – it’s about creating the lifestyle you want. Tom Goodwin reports read more

    • Some property investors swear by a strategy that sees their bank balance swell each month with rental profits. Others believe that assets with strong capital growth potential are the only way to build wealth. In the current market, which is the best strategy? Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • Investing is simple. Don't bother researching the various markets throughout Australia, forget about all of that economic stuff, and affordability has nothing to do with it either. Just follow the golden rule: buy blue-chip property. Really? Think again, argues Simon Pressley read more