General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • Australia's short-term rental market has exploded in recent years, and many property owners have enjoyed impressive returns as a result. Now, with 2019 on our doorstep, others are wondering if they too can jump on the lucrative bandwagon. Nicola Middlemiss reports read more

    • For OpenCorp, investing in property is more than a smart financial choice – it’s about creating the lifestyle you want. Tom Goodwin reports read more

    • Some property investors swear by a strategy that sees their bank balance swell each month with rental profits. Others believe that assets with strong capital growth potential are the only way to build wealth. In the current market, which is the best strategy? Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • Investing is simple. Don't bother researching the various markets throughout Australia, forget about all of that economic stuff, and affordability has nothing to do with it either. Just follow the golden rule: buy blue-chip property. Really? Think again, argues Simon Pressley read more

    • Think you’ve missed the boat if you're in this age bracket and you don’t yet own property? Not necessarily. It is possible to start investing in your 50s or older, though access to funding is increasingly an issue. Having a clear strategy will be essential to maximise your next steps read more

    • Kids, partners, career and other lifestyle changes can take over during this life stage, prompting many to put property on the backburner. The key to investing successfully at this age is to embrace investments that make you look more attractive to lenders – and not get stuck waiting for the market to move read more

    • Getting your foot on the property ladder is not generally a high priority for most teenagers and those in their early 20s. However, if you tune into the potential that property can offer from a young age, the rewards can be truly extraordinary read more

    • Are you a brand-new investor fresh out of your first job – or is retirement just around the corner and you’re making a last-ditch effort to boost your bank balance? Whatever your age, this Special Report aims to guide you towards the best property decisions for your life stage, to suit you now and in the future read more

    • With so much information freely available these days, do you really need a property advisor? Are they just in it to make money for themselves and line their own pockets with investor commissions – or can they genuinely help everyday Australians create wealth? read more