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    • As a parent, one of the greatest practical gifts you can give your children is empowering them to be successful through education about financial matters. Initially this should include building up savings and teaching them how compounding works. As they grow into young adults discuss the various ways they can get ahead in life, including the possibility of investing in property - either a home or an investment property, or both! read more

    • Navigating the new lending landscape can be quite the challenge for investors, with many feeling hemmed in by too-tight criteria that make it difficult to refinance. So how can you make your money work harder for you, despite the challenging lending environment? read more

    • What would it take to supercharge your rental income from average to awesome? These three different strategies – from the quick and easy fixes to the big-ticket constructions – are powerful ways to boost your property’s cash flow.  Pauline Hatch reports read more

    • Keen to build your investment portfolio beyond your first or second property, but struggling to get finance approval? Despite record-low interest rates, many property investors are facing an uphill battle in getting banks and lenders to fund their next investment. Ian Hosking-Richards, CEO of Rocket Property Group, and Rocket mortgage broker Alan Dean explain how to improve your chances of getting that all-important ‘yes read more

    • Lenders are sending mixed messages to investors, with credit policies changing on a weekly basis. Why is the current mortgage market so chaotic and confusing, and what can investors do to stay on top of ever-changing policies? We asked Philippe Brach to explain... read more

    • With pros and cons for each case, Your Investment Property spoke to the experts to find out which loan is right for you read more