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    • With interest rates falling to forty-year lows and expected to decline even further, no matter how satisfied you are with your current mortgage, you are undoubtedly be feeling a pang of 'mortgage envy'. Who could look at those 5% interest rates on offer and not feel like jumping into the refinancing bandwagon especially if you've taken your loan at 9%? read more

    • Australian property investors who can ride out the current downturn are poised to reap at least 9% per annum return on their investments over the next five years according to Residex. read more

    • While the comparison rate can be a useful tool Your Mortgage has gone even further and developed its own method to uncover the true cost of a mortgage. read more

    • Back-to-back interest rate rises are visibly taking their toll on many Australian households, as shown by the soaring levels of mortgage stress. Your Investment Property looks at some of the long-term strategies to consider so that you can avoid being stretched financially beyond your means read more

    • Fierce competition between lenders has prompted the proliferation of various mortgage products and an even greater array of fees, rates and features accompanying them. We show you how to minimise the charges and avoid being stung by the extra expenses read more

    • A record number of mortgage holders are refinancing to try to get the best deal available, according to data from Australia’s largest mortgage broker, AFG. read more