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    • Tenant wants a puppy? Thinking of knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining room? If you live or invest in a strata-titled property, there may be more involved in making these decisions than simply choosing a breed or paint colour. read more

    • There is a lot your mortgage lender probably isn’t telling you, such as the fact that there are ways to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance if you want and that putting up your family home as a security deposit has hidden ramifications. Knowing these secrets can save you thousands read more

    • Want to know how you can make thousands of dollars in just a few minutes using smart negotiating tactics? Read on... read more

    • You may know whether cash flow or capital growth is your aim – but which properties will deliver those goals? read more

    • Nothing ventured, nothing gained... but when is the risk too great? We take a closer look at seven potential risk factors when investing in units, to uncover the truth behind the claims. read more

    • You've found the right property and finally settled on a price with the seller. What else do you have to do before you can close the deal and collect the keys to the property? Paul Do walks you through the process. read more