Property Management - Investment Strategies

    • As news reports hit home of a tight rental market in most capital cities, landlords could be forgiven for thinking it was about time they increased their rents. But how can they do it without scaring off good tenants? Your Investment Property goes in search of answers read more

    • In some situations, if a rental increase will result in a long vacancy period it might work in your favour to keep the rent as it is. Don’t believe us? We show you an illustration of how it could happen read more

    • From getting retrenched to landing a tenant with an appetite for destruction, fate deals property portfolios some nasty surprises. The question is: could there be a way for investors to plan for them? Read on to find out how. read more

    • As vacancy rates tighten in many of Queensland's key property markets, tenants are becoming increasingly desperate to secure a rental property. Read on to discover which Queensland markets are playing into the hands of landlords. read more

    • The latest vacancy rate figures suggest that some of our cities are facing extreme shortages of rental properties. In other cities, however, it looks as if renters may be starting to get an upper hand. read more

    • Bad tenants can turn your property investment dream into a nightmare. Your Investment Property investigates how to evict them legally and quickly to get your portfolio back on track. read more