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    • Tenant placement can make or break a landlord’s experience of owning a rental property. But just how do you avoid placing a terrible tenant in your biggest and most expensive asset – and being ripped off as a result? read more

    • A good tenant’s value goes far beyond rental returns, and it’s more than luck that brings them to your door. Finding great tenants is about providing a home with so many reasons to stay they’ll never have a reason to leave. Pauline Hatch reports read more

    • Most people invest in property because it’s uncomplicated. You buy something you can see and touch, and aim to make money from rental income and capital growth (i.e. the value of the property you’ve purchased increasing over time). As an added bonus, the interest on the bank loan can be offset against the rental income thanks to negative gearing; lowering your overall tax bill. read more

    • Your Investment Property spoke with Renee Chad, a prolific property investor and owner of Diligent Property Management, and asked her to tell us exactly what tenants want in the current market. Here is what she shared with us… read more

    • Dealing with property managers and tenants can be a pleasurable part of the investing process, or a nightmare of epic proportions. John Hilton talks to the experts about uniting landlords, tenants and property managers towards the common goal of a spic-and-span property with long-term occupancy read more

    • The reputation of property managers can suffer due to the actions of a few, but there are areas where improvements can be made read more