Property Market Analysis - Investment Strategies

    • The law of supply and demand dictates that price grows in areas where demand outpaces supply. So, how do you find these markets? Mark Coburn explains read more

    • There’s no question about it. Units are the new black. They’re no longer the second-class investments they once were based on how they’ve performed over the recent years. But there’s also still some risks attached. So where should you look if you’re seeking to maximise your profi t and reduce your risks? John Hilton explains read more

    • New research allows investors to identify the neighbourhoods throughout Australia that have both the highest and the lowest crime rates. But can this data genuinely inform your investing decisions, and how can you effectively interpret it? Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • Finding property investments that generate both capital growth and solid rental yields is getting harder as prices continue to soar in many markets. With this in mind, Miriam Bell scours the country for areas that are still flying under the radar but have all the right fundamentals for strong growth in the future while currently achieving solid rental returns. read more

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    • Your Investment Property, with the help of Real Estate Investar, takes an in-depth look at some of Australia’s cheapest property markets – which just happen to be among its biggest too read more