Property Market Analysis - Investment Strategies

    • Although house prices may not have yet hit their floor, confidence in housing is on the rise. So far, this newfound optimism is yet to flow through to investors’ overall sentiment towards the property market – but is this perception shifting? read more

    • Australia’s tech industry contributes $122 billion to the economy. With Microsoft, Apple, and Google quite recently setting up Australian headquarters to fuel further economic growth, we thought we'd take a look at the impressive buildings that house these giants of tech. read more

    • Despite instability and uncertainty, if reports are to be believed, the real estate market may be about to flourish. Traders may find that keeping an eye on the signals pays off. read more

    • Data can be seductive because it delivers ease: we bounce around websites and apps, having our needs met seamlessly, while at the same time, we are knowingly exchanging privacy for efficiencies. So how do we strike a balance? read more

    • The negatives weighing on residential property prices are significant. A year ago, only three out of eight capital cities were seeing monthly price falls; now, it’s seven out of eight. However, recent developments suggest that prices could bottom out earlier – and higher – than expected read more

    • Property trusts offer investors access to larger, higher yielding investment opportunities that would generally be well beyond your reach, at significantly lower price points. If you want access to quality property assets, then A-REITs – Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts – could be the ideal path forward. read more