Property Market Analysis - Investment Strategies

    • When contemplating your next property investment move, have you considered buying into storage spaces or even healthcare facilities? They may not be as sexy as residential or retail properties – but they have the potential to boost your profits read more

    • As an investment class, childcare assets are considered hot property, thanks to the long secure lease terms, growing workforce participation rates, and increasing government support. Here are eight reasons why this asset class is going from strength to strength read more

    • With potential changes to negative gearing on the table, a positive cash flow property could be the perfect addition to your investment portfolio. We’ve done the research to track down some of highest cash flow performers across the country – where you can spread your risk and boost your returns, all at once read more

    • Inner Sydney has long been positioned as an ideal location for property investing, with numerous apartment development projects recently completed or not far away from receiving their final coat of paint. But are investors set to profit? read more

    • Property values are falling around the country for 17 consecutive months, but the actual rate of decline has been easing over the past three months. read more

    • Collective sales, in which multiple owners come together to transact real estate, is a growing trend. In fact, collective sales made up 16.5% of all site sales suitable for low-, medium- and high-density development in Australia last year – seven times more than five years ago read more