Property Market Analysis - Investment Strategies

    • Data can be seductive because it delivers ease: we bounce around websites and apps, having our needs met seamlessly, while at the same time, we are knowingly exchanging privacy for efficiencies. So how do we strike a balance? read more

    • The negatives weighing on residential property prices are significant. A year ago, only three out of eight capital cities were seeing monthly price falls; now, it’s seven out of eight. However, recent developments suggest that prices could bottom out earlier – and higher – than expected read more

    • Property trusts offer investors access to larger, higher yielding investment opportunities that would generally be well beyond your reach, at significantly lower price points. If you want access to quality property assets, then A-REITs – Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts – could be the ideal path forward. read more

    • It’s the driving force behind virtually every successful property investor: the opportunity to build a luxurious, relaxed retirement off the passive income generated by their investment portfolio. But how much does it take to achieve that dream – and how difficult is the path? We give you the facts and figures for a fast track to property retirement, from the lips of finance and real estate experts. read more

    • Property market sentiment has changed over the last month, buoyed by the results of the Federal election, falling interest rates and APRA loosening its restrictions on lending however, there was still a decline in property values in our national housing markets read more

    • Looking for a location to invest in that offers both high renter demand and a strong history of capital growth? We’ve crunched the numbers on thousands of suburbs Australia-wide to uncover the 130-odd areas that have a proven track record – and a promise of future growth read more

    • When contemplating your next property investment move, have you considered buying into storage spaces or even healthcare facilities? They may not be as sexy as residential or retail properties – but they have the potential to boost your profits read more

    • As an investment class, childcare assets are considered hot property, thanks to the long secure lease terms, growing workforce participation rates, and increasing government support. Here are eight reasons why this asset class is going from strength to strength read more

    • With potential changes to negative gearing on the table, a positive cash flow property could be the perfect addition to your investment portfolio. We’ve done the research to track down some of highest cash flow performers across the country – where you can spread your risk and boost your returns, all at once read more