Property Market Analysis - Investment Strategies

    • There’s no such thing as a sure bet when it comes to choosing an investment property. However, by leveraging long-term data and applying key criteria, investors can improve their chances of creating wealth through property – just as the property owners in these suburbs have done. read more

    • It is important to draw a distinction between affordable housing that is vital to lower socio-economic households, and lack of housing affordability in Sydney and Melbourne that means even financially able households can’t afford property. read more

    • Looking at a suburb’s historical capital growth rate gives investors a good indication of how it performed in the past. But you need more data than that to pinpoint the growth superstars of the future – which is where  the 2016 Census results come into play read more

    • “Setting aside Melbourne and Sydney for a moment, there are still plenty of properties under $500,000 for sale across the country. Capital cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin, as well as many regional centres, are places to look if you are keen to invest at this price point. read more

    • More than 12% of recent apartment sales transacted at a loss, according to new research by CoreLogic. Which cities have been hardest hit – and which cities have further to fall? read more

    • Data mining is fast becoming the new resources boom. But unlike the real resources boom, data is not going away. On the contrary, it’s only going to get bigger – and as Jeremy Sheppard explains, the future is all about ‘big data’. read more