Property Market Analysis - Investment Strategies

    • 2018 will go down as the year of the biggest downturns in our property markets for many years. Over the last year or two a number of factors caused house prices to drop and house price growth in other states to slow. read more

    • When it comes to short-term letting and the share economy, consumer behaviour and technology are moving at breakneck speed. Regulation in this space has been particularly challenging for governments – though they are slowly catching up read more

    • At a time when Australians has been shown to be number one in the world when it comes to highest median wealth and when all the economic fundamentals are pointing in the right direction, we seem to be suffering a crisis of confidence in our property markets. read more

    • The Australian economy has survived the predictions of an imminent recession by doomsters for 27 years now. According to this economist, it’s likely to keep growing for a while yet – but that doesn’t mean the RBA will move on interest rates read more

    • Twenty years of consistent, strong capital growth – that’s a fairly good track record, wouldn’t you say? We’ve done the research to uncover 143 suburbs Australia-wide that have historically outperformed the average (and then some) – and there are some surprises in the mix. read more

    • With a growing number of time-poor homeowners and an aging population in downsizing mode, there is a trend towards low-maintenance living – and townhouses are an increasingly popular choice. read more

    • An investor is only as good as the due diligence they do, which is why it’s crucial that you investigate all aspects of a potential investment before you buy. Sarah Megginson spoke with experienced investor Ralph Nicholson about his secrets to finding a promising new investment location read more

    • Why do so many housing market predictions turn out to be incorrect? The reason why many forecasters end up with egg on their faces is that there are actually two different types of property markets, yet they only measure one. read more

    • How much are the properties worth in your suburb? If you are thinking of selling, how much will your place sell for? There are two major metrics that property professionals look at to answer this question. Which one should you focus on? read more