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    • Finding areas set to grow in value has become more challenging since the recent strong growth spurt in many markets. But they do still exist if you know where to look. And if you’re wondering where you could make big, fat profit in the medium to long term, you may want to check out the following suburbs, which are fully vetted and analysed by the experts at read more

    • A bit of elbow grease may be required, but it’s definitely still possible to find properties generating positive cash flow. However, this often arduous journey can be made much easier by knowing why to look, how to look and, most importantly, where to look read more

    • Contrary to what much of the recent media coverage might suggest, there are many pockets close to CBDs and the coast that have not yet had their growth spurt. John Hilton looks at how and where to find areas on the verge of taking off read more

    • As the cycle moves on to the next level, so has sentiment, and predictably forecasts of doom and gloom in the market have started to gather pace. So what’s really happening in the property markets and should you be worried? read more

    • The law of supply and demand dictates that price grows in areas where demand outpaces supply. So, how do you find these markets? Mark Coburn explains read more

    • There’s no question about it. Units are the new black. They’re no longer the second-class investments they once were based on how they’ve performed over the recent years. But there’s also still some risks attached. So where should you look if you’re seeking to maximise your profi t and reduce your risks? John Hilton explains read more

    • New research allows investors to identify the neighbourhoods throughout Australia that have both the highest and the lowest crime rates. But can this data genuinely inform your investing decisions, and how can you effectively interpret it? Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • When it comes to investment hotspots, many investors want to get into areas before the crowd does, so that they can pick the cream of the crop before everyone else. So where are smart investors looking now for their next target properties? Real Estate Investar compiled comprehensive data on the most popular searches on its website to support this exhaustive and exclusive market analysis read more

    • Are premium suburbs better than their poorer counterparts? Jeremy Sheppard weighs the upsides and downsides of investing in each market read more