Selling Property Strategies - Investment Strategies

    • Buying and selling property can be a stressful experience, but the situation can become that much more difficult if your real estate agent isn’t up to the job. Kylie Davis from CoreLogic shares her tips for finding an A-list agent to sell your property for top dollar. read more

    • Smart money management is a critical component of any investor’s long-term investment strategy. Interest rates are an important piece of the puzzle, but how do you manage a variable that you have no direct control over? Ben Kingsley, shares his insights on current trends – and where interest rates are headed, this year and beyond. read more

    • Having made the decision to sell your property, you will want to maximise your returns. Here is Your Investment Property’s comprehensive rundown on what to do to ensure the best possible sale. read more

    • It’s a technique usually reserved for livestock, but the owner of a house in Capalaba has taken the extremely unconventional move of putting his property up for auction with no reserve – running the risk of having to sell it for peanuts. read more

    • “You can’t always get what you want” goes the Rolling Stones classic and it’s definitely true for the suburbs within the country’s top 20 locations for vendor discounts – where recent price falls and lacklustre demand have seen sellers settle for up to 24% lower than what they originally asked. read more

    • An old property maxim suggests that you can sell a property for its highest possible price or you can sell it quickly. It’s only the really lucky that do both. Your luck might have just changed. Follow these handy tricks, and you’ll find your asking price could be lapped up as soon as it is on the market. read more