Tax Strategies - Investment Strategies

    • Rising interest rates, damage caused by dodgy tenants, and personal problems that kill your real estate focus are just some of the issues that can derail your property investing success. But being prepared to cope in a crisis can make all the difference, as Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • Having a holiday home may sound glamorous, but there are traps you need to be aware of, in particular with the tax man. Eddie Chung explains read more

    • The PAYG Withholding Variation has been known by many names, most notably a Section 221D and a 1515. It is highly possible that this was a deliberate tact from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to give it a technical name so property investors don’t uncover the benefits. Effectively what a Variation does is vary your tax rate therefore providing you with additional cash flow with your periodic pay. read more

    • Investing in property with your partner is always a big decision. All too often, consideration is not given to what happens if you both decide to go separate ways. If the time comes where the relationship comes to an end, the tax implications are generally the last thing either person has on their minds. Often the immediate decision is to sell the property to erase all memory of the relationship. This may end up being the eventual decision, but other options should be addressed first. read more

    • Just because you may be able to claim expenses on your investment property doesn’t mean you can claim any cost as a tax deduction. Eddie Chung explains. read more

    • Claiming depreciation on your property is one of the most important steps in an investor's journey. So, here are property expert Tyron Hyde's Top 5 depreciation tips to take full advantage of the return on your investment property. read more