Investors Checklist

  • The Ultimate Checklist for First-time Investors

    Have you ever wanted to invest in property but felt confused and overwhelmed by all of the options? Our checklist is a quick and easy guide to help you navigate your first property investment without making costly mistakes along the way

  • Buying off the Plan

    Keep this checklist with you when you are thinking about buying property off the plan.

  • Development Expense Checklist

    Keep this exhaustive list handy to ensure you anticipate all potential development costs

  • Ending a Tenancy Checklist

    Looking to terminate a tenancy, this checklist will be able to guide you through the most common steps to make ending a tenancy as easy as possible.

  • Property Value Checklist

    Use this simple check list to quickly and easily determine the value of a property

  • Property location checklist

    Looking to buy a new investment property? This property location check list will help you determine whether this is a good investment or one that you might want to avoid.

  • Tenants Wear & Tear or Damage Checklist

    Your last tenants have left and you’re inspecting the property. What counts as damage and what’s simple wear and tear?