2018 Property Investors Awards - Developers Winner - ACTIVA DEVELOPMENTS

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As one of our most active categories, this award was a tough one for our judges, who waded through a raft of impressive entries. Ultimately, one business demonstrated a competitive edge that pushed them over the line. Congratulations to our winner, Activa Developments

The 2017/18 financial year has been particularly di‑ cult for both the residential building industry and the general property market in WA. As a Perth-based property developer and builder, Activa Developments has been proactive in planning for the downturn by searching out land parcels offering value for money, and reducing building costs to levels commensurate with 2007.

The result? “Our investor clients have still been able to maximise the return on their property investments in a di‑ cult market,” says Jason Janssen, director, Activa Developments.

“Though perhaps they’re not achieving profits as seen in 2014/15, our approach has allowed our investor group to continue investing in property whilst many others sat on the sidelines.” The business, which acts as both the developer and builder, provides clients with full range of in-house services, including sourcing land, preparing feasibility studies, assisting with the purchase of property, liaising with the local authority, project management, bookkeeping, design, construction, and assistance with sales.

“A case in point is a recent three-unit development in Redcliffe. The Activa team identified a suitable development property that was passed on to an interested investor. We went on to quote, design and complete construction of the three-unit development within a 12-month period, which minimised holding costs for the client. The team also assisted the client with subdivision approvals, and a bonus for them was achieving an offer to purchase during construction,” Janssen says.

“During our six years of operation, Activa Developments has succeeded in helping family, friends and clients achieve passive income and build their property portfolios. This, in turn, gives them the opportunity to pursue other financial and lifestyle goals. As we’ve grown, we’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to the community by supporting a number of causes, including the Alzheimer’s Charity Golf Day, WA Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party, and World Vision.”


“Activa has been able to maximise results for clients in a very tough market, undertaking due diligence and feasibility studies for investors. It has grown and employed more staff, as well as markedly increasing its year-on-year profi t, and it gives back to the community by supporting a number of charities.” - Peter Koulizos, PIPA