2018 Property Investors Awards - Landlord Insurance - TERRI SCHEER

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The best peace of mind an investor can get is the knowledge that their bricks and mortar are well protected. A good landlord insurance policy delivers this in spades, which is why we’re thrilled to congratulate our Landlord Insurance winner, Terri Scheer

In the last 12 months Terri Scheer has launched some significant updates to its landlord policies, which offer better benefits and stronger protection to both landlords and their tenants.

“We have been taking on board customer feedback from both property investors and real estate agents, and we have simplified the policy wording, making it easier for customers to understand the cover, and to enhance their experience if they find themselves having to make a claim,” says Carolyn Parrella, executive manager at Terri Scheer Insurance.

“The main change was to remove separate events for accidental, malicious and deliberate damage and to combine them into one type of cover, which we have simply called ‘tenant damage’. Each of the previous covers had a separate excess applied to it, meaning a customer may have several excesses within one claim. A customer can now claim for damage caused by a tenant and only have one excess.”

“By providing a significantly higher coverage for pet damage ... animals may not be abandoned or euthanised and investors may have longer-term happy tenants”

Terri Scheer has also extended the cover offered for pet damage to $2,500 (up from $500), and removed the need for the pet to be named on the lease.

“We’ve also worked closely with the Animal Welfare League to help reduce the number of pets that are euthanised each year because of the low volume of pet-friendly rental properties. By providing a significantly higher coverage for pet damage, we’re providing investors with greater confidence to allow pets into their properties, which in turn will mean many animals are not abandoned or euthanised and investors may have longer-term happy tenants.”


“Terri Scheer has shown year-onyear impressive growth nationally. It has been nimble in product and in responding to the market in a normally conservative industry. Its commitment to public education and social responsibility shows a company in touch with its clients and the wider market.” - Peter Brewer REIQ