2018 Property Investors Awards - Mortgage Product - BLUESTONE

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With loan approvals becoming harder to secure, flexible loan products that are designed to help investors get ahead are highly valued, which is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce Bluestone as the winner of our Mortgage Product award!

Launched in 2000, Bluestone is a non-bank lender specialising in near-prime residential lending. Its home loan products are designed to suit the needs of self-employed business owners and PAYG borrowers who are unable to find a financial solution through mainstream banking – an issue that is increasingly impacting a number of Australian borrowers.

Royden D’Vaz, head of sales and marketing at Bluestone, says the lender has made the product accessible to more borrowers over the last 12 months, particularly after it was able to introduce mass rate cuts of up to 225 basis points across its portfolio.

“Our growth reflects the demand for Bluestone’s product in core market segments, combined with the change in climate due to traditional lenders tightening their lending criteria. Bluestone’s market share has [grown] and will continue to increase exponentially with its near-prime product extension,” D’Vaz says.

As APRA-led banking restrictions have made it even tougher for investors to access mainstream funding, Bluestone has leveraged the opportunity to work with more investors to help them achieve their property investing goals. “Mortgage brokers are the bloodline of our business,” D’Vaz says, “and accordingly, we offer dedicated resources to help guide them through our process. We are committed to ensuring that Bluestone consistently meets and exceeds broker expectations.”


“A quality submission that provided evidence of achievements across commercial results, team engagement and expansion, broker focus and the broader community. They offer a very well-rounded description of a growing business that is focusing on the needs of both the brokers and the customers they serve.” Matt Carlson, Corelogic


“The Bluestone home loan suite assists borrowers who may be fi nding it diffi cult to meet the tightening criteria of traditional lenders. Bluestone lending has seen strong annual new lending growth of 43%, which supports the availability of credit to consumers. Its involvement with charities like beyondblue also supports a willingness to give back to the community.” - Frank Knez, Corelogic