2019 Property Investor Awards - Buyer's Agent Services- HUNTER JAMES- BUYERS AGENTS, SYDNEY

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The number of buyers’ agents entering the industry is increasing – but not all agents are created equal. While some have the runs on the board and the experience to direct investors towards quality properties, others are blindly dishing out advice without backing themselves with the knowledge and experience required to really generate strategic, lasting results.

Sebastian James, managing director of Hunter James Buyers Agents, falls firmly into the first category. 

With a data-driven approach and the integration of artificial intelligence into its systems and processes, James says his agency’s approach is a cut above the rest.

“Over the past year we have adapted our service offering to better meet the high expectations of the modern property investor, achieved through a combined approach that leverages best-in-class prop-tech solutions, along with personalised professional service that is tailored to each investor’s individual circumstances, unique needs, wants and motivations,” he says.

“As a boutique buyer’s agency, we also have the unique advantage of being able to fully immerse ourselves in the needs of each and every valued client, creating a bespoke solution with our clients’ best interests at the forefront of each and every decision. Hunter James was born to change the game for property investors by adopting a proactive and holistic clientfor- life philosophy; as investors ourselves, we utilise proven research processes, evaluation and negotiation skills to ensure only the most exceptional results are achieved for all clients.”

With a goal of “making the investing process simple and rewarding, giving our clients a true competitive advantage and a means to realise their dreams”, Hunter James is a well-deserving winner of this category! 


“Hunter James scored top marks in their key business achievement over the last 12 months and their year-over-year growth and market share. Their positive impact on the wider community, including the HJ Give Back Campaign, also scored top marks” -Brett Roenfeldt Real Estate Institute of SA