New Investors

New Investors

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Why high cash flow can be a false idol

With the staggering number of investors in pursuit of properties with great cashflow it seems almost unthinkable – high cashflow can sometimes hurt you. Here’s four issues many investors nev ...

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Common investment strategies – the complete guide

What methods do investors typically use to make money from property? We reveal the most popular – and the most successful

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10 questions you must ask before you invest

Due diligence is essential before you invest in a rental property. Make sure you don’t miss a trick with these savvy questions.

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Expert Advice

Fixing the Credit Crunch – Part II Simon Buckingham

Following on from my last article on "Fixing the Credit Crunch", I was interested to see Australia's 5th largest financial institution, Macquarie Bank, come out recently with its own suggestions for a relaxation in lending policies. read more

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I own 80% while they each own 10%, and it was my primary residence but not theirs read more