Bad agents, unhappy customers

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A major property lobbyist is warning that the quality of real estate agents across the country will suffer if proposed regulation changes take effect.

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) is strongly opposing a move by the federal government to lower educational standards for estate agents. 

It released a statement yesterday claiming to be 'alarmed' by the move, which it said represented a 'watering down' of standards. 

The federal government has proposed a plan to downgrade educational requirements of estate agents from a diploma to a Certificate IV. 

It is also looking to abolish annual development training, as well as “do away with licenses altogether”, according to REIWA. 

“I cannot see any benefits to the profession or to the public in lowering the benchmark for education and training for those people who wish to work in the real estate sector,” said REIWA's president David Airey. 

The government, however, has claimed it's working towards a single, national licensing scheme for real estate agents. 

“REIWA supports the principle of national licensing, but not at the expense of lowering standards. If we must have a uniform licensing code across the nation then standards must be lifted across country and not pulled down to the lowest common denominator," said Airey.

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  • Kevin Strachan says on 13/09/2012 05:36:55 PM

    Standards are already too low - so to reduce further represents an Industry failure.

  • Property Mavens says on 13/09/2012 05:43:06 PM

    I absolutely agree with these sentiments . As an Accredited Property Investment Advisor, the industry is rife with agents selling real estate under all sorts of guises including misrepresentation. The industry is unregulated overall and everything possible should be done to lift the education and professionalism of those working in this sector. The Australian property market was valued at $4.54 trillion in December 2011 whilst the stock market was valued at only $1.1 7T . Given the majority of people have the majority of their weatlh invested in property, it would be bordering on negligence to lower industry standards to the lowest common denominator (nationally).

  • KazzGirl says on 17/09/2012 08:01:42 AM

    Most agents are so appalling at present that I am considering self management. Agents just put their hand out for their cut and do little to be responsible for the problems they create. I have lost over $8K in 12 months due to agents mishandling end of tenancy. Then when I go to VCAT, they have so badly prepared the case that I do not even get the bond back. I asked them if I can help and they tell me it is under control and when we get to VCAT none of the quotes are there except the ones I arranged. In NSW I am having an agent lie to the CTTT because the tenant she rented my property to she had a previous relationship with which was undisclosed to me. Now I find out at the CTTT last Thursday that this agent will now lie to the CTTT saying that I never said the tenant had to get the carpets cleaned at end of tenancy ie pet clause which is in the lease mind you. This is a current agent who is lying to protect her friend. I now have to go to the trouble of making a stat dec and getting it signed in order to protect something I thought was protected with a pet clause in the lease.
    If this legislation change will make even worse agents, then self management will be my only option.

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