Cook up big returns with these 5 quick and cheap kitchen renos

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It’s time to put your property on the market and you want a great return. Everyone knows a stunning kitchen will impress any buyer, so how can you cook up a tasty sale using just a few ingredients?

For as long as we can remember, even as far back as the Roman Empire, kitchens have been more than just a place to prepare food.

Throughout the ages women, and often men, have gathered around a stove at the end of the day to prepare meals for the ones they love.

It may be the 21st Century but when it comes to kitchens not a lot has changed.

The fittings may be shiner, the appliances technologically advanced, but sentiment remains the same; the kitchen is a place to cook, gather, communicate and share.

With that in mind, it makes sense that buyers place much credence on the kitchen when deciding to purchase a home.

By updating the kitchen you can add thousands to a property in terms of value - but it can get expensive.
According to kitchen renovation experts, creating the perfect kitchen from scratch generally costs about 20% of the home’s value, but for investors looking to make a quick return, a good rule of thumb is to spend about 8% or less.

So what are the tricks to creating a sumptuous kitchen without breaking the bank?

According to Paul Eslick of the Renovation Kings, there are five tops ways to add value to your kitchen and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

1. Splashback and tiling
The splashback is very important, not just in appearance, but also for functionality. It serves as the water membrane behind the sink and along the wall.
Eslick says if the existing splashback is in good condition and it’s tiled, it is best to just repaint it and not spend money on fitting a new one.
“The best way to do that is to go buy tile paint and go along the outside of the tiles and paint them all,” he advises.
 “I like the colour white, it makes the kitchen bigger, brighter and cleaner, and replace the silicone along between the bench top and the kitchen to make it perfectly waterproof.”
2. Fawcett
Another way to increase the value of a kitchen is to replace taps and the spout with a flick mixer.  If you are unsure what a flick mixer is, it is a single tap that turns one way for cold and the other for hot.
“You can get them for a minimum price of $30.00 up to a really flash one of about $119.00 or something in between,”  Eslick advises.
“If you’ve got the old sink with three tap holes in it, just put the flick mixer in and cover the other holes with a satin stainless disc. It looks fantastic.”

3. Cabinet exteriors
Did you know that kitchen cabinets have a carcass? In this, a carcass is not the remains of a discarded and unwanted cabinet, it is the framework - what the door swings off, the draw slides into and the bench top sits on.
“If the carcass is ok, why rip it out? It’s just plain stupid!” Eslick says.
“What you can do here is paint the doors with a laminate paint. It looks fantastic, it’s easy to do and anyone can do it. Another good tip here is to change the door furnishings and what I mean here is the knobs and the handles. I like the SSS – “Satin Stainless Replacing the counter top is where costs can begin to add up. It is also worth remembering the back is sealed against the splash back and water cannot be going down there. But you can replace the laminate on the top quite easily.
Laminate bench tops are available at a reasonable price if you shop around.
“I prefer to have a laminate on the top and keep it simple,” Eslick explains.
“New benchtops will cost considerably more, but if the old ones are truly past-it, then that is the next best option.”

5. Kitchen sink
We all know the saying ‘everything but the kitchen sink’, but in this case it can be a good idea to include the kitchen sink in your overhaul. If you don’t want to fork out for a new one – a designer model can cost upward of $1,000, the other way to lift up a stainless steel sink is to repolish it with a stainless steel marine grade polish.
“You can get that at the marine supplies store,” Eslick says. “Don’t try and get the old household one, get yourself the marine grade stainless steel polisher and polish up that stainless steel sink until it’s absolutely gleaming.”
  • Rough budget for the above renovations:

Splashback Paint for splashback - $47.00 for 1 litre
Fawcett Split Mixer - $30.00 - $160.00
Cabinet Exterior Laminate Paint - $51.00 - 1 litre
Bench Tops Laminate Bench Top - $99.00 - $300.00
Kitchen Sink Marine Grade Polish - $49.00 - 500ml



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