Most common complaints against landlords

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An online tenant portal has revealed what tenants are most likely to dislike about you and your property

42% – Repairs

Significantly more than one in three complaints lodged against landlords involve poor states of repair and maintenance, including problems with dampness. 

24% – The rent 

Just short of a quarter of reported complaints involve sudden increases to the rent. Landlords who increase the rent without due notice and provide no reasons for the move, not surprisingly, tend to anger their tenants and often see leases broken early.  

24% – Harassment 

A key tip off point for tenants is if their landlord does not abide by official landlord-tenant protocols and regularly intrudes upon the property, makes unfounded accusations of tenant-caused damage or their dealings with the tenant simply amount to abuse. 

Additional concerns

No pets:  Some investors have a “no pets” policy to preserve the longevity of their investments, yet a large proportion of tenants want pets. The Australian Companion Animal Council reports that more than 60% of Australian households own a pet and of those that don’t, 53% would strongly like to own one in the future.  

Noise:   This issue frequently comes up if tenants feel the noise is “manufactured”, in that it comes from neighbours or sources such as visitors honking cars.



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  • Greg says on 03/12/2012 01:38:35 PM

    It's a tough gig being a property owner. Door frames and skirting boards chewed out by animals, holes punched in walls, doors kicked in, missing light covers, pet hair by the bucket load, garbage left in the yard. In 13 years I've yet to get my property back anywhere near to the 5 star motel room condition it was rented out. Tenants treat your property like pigs, and in my opinion the majority of property managers out there (51%+), Senior or any other title they care to use. Couldn't run the free drink stand at the Easter Show.

    Property Managers and Tenants are a lucky dip.

  • Pascoe says on 17/01/2013 02:44:29 PM

    Have to agree with you there Greg. After a tenant has left a property I am renting it is never left in the cleanliness state I initially leased it in to them. At the end of a lease I am always the one that has to go back in and clean it up ready for the next tenants. Can't get the tenants that are leaving to do it either as you have to go to VCAT which in any case it would be ruled to be "fair wear and tear".
    The last re-lease I had, they left the bathroom floor with the white grout turned black. They refused to clean it, but was advised by prop manager to "let it go" as VCAT would rule in their favour. So this time around I left the bathroom floor in a disgusting state for the next tenants to live in. I figure if tenants want to live like this than so be it. It's better to leave it like shit and at least you know you will get it back in the same condition.

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