QLD households aren’t following smoke alarm legislation

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Fifteen percent of Queensland households do not have operational smoke alarms installed, according to new research conducted by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and obtained by Smoke Alarm Solutions.

Additionally, 21% of households in Far Northern Queensland do not have operational smoke alarms, compared to 18% in Central Queensland and 13% in Brisbane.

The size of a home also impacts the likelihood of having smoke alarms, with less than half (46%) of households with three or more levels having a fitted smoke alarm on each floor. This figure decreases to 16% for two-storey houses and 3% for single-storey houses.

QFES’s data also found that smoke alarms are most commonly placed in hallways (74%) and living areas (50%).

Rather worryingly, only 20% of QLD households have a smoke alarm installed in the main bedroom, despite new legislation specifying that all QLD properties must have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms by January 2022 in rental properties, and in all owner-occupied properties by January 2027.

Nine percent of QLD households do not know when their smoke alarms were last tested, and 4% said their smoke alarms have never been trialled.

Cameron Davis, CEO of Smoke Alarm Solutions, said the QFES research proves that Queenslanders are indifferent to fire safety.

“Working smoke alarms should be in every home, but 15 per cent of Queenslanders are playing Russian roulette with their safety and the lives of their family and friends,” he said. 

“Nobody thinks it’ll happen to them, but 160 Queensland families will be the victim of a house fire this month. Families and landlords have a responsibility to ensure their properties are safe. There is no better investment than an up-to-date and working smoke alarm.”

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  • IPESA says on 05/02/2018 04:13:58 PM

    With the QLD legislation specifying that the alarms must meet AS3786:2014 and many alarms currenlty on the market only meeting the older AS3786:1996 standard, it is very confusing for home owners to make sure they've got a compliant alarm. Furthermore, with most interconnecting smoke alarms requiring an electrician to install them, the cost is quite substantial.

    At ipesa we hope to launch a fully compliant interconnecting photoelectric smoke alarm powered by a 10 year battery for QLD house homeowners to DIY within the next month or two.

  • elvis says on 03/07/2018 11:34:05 AM

    It's none of big brother's business if someone has smoke alarms or not. Personal safety is an individual responsibility at home. Also the rent seeking where the labor govt legislates for its mates in the electrical industry is pathetic.
    Article should read, 15% of population tell government to get stuffed over intrusive legislation.

  • Rod says on 13/05/2019 04:45:15 PM

    If you have a rental property in Queensland you are almost certainly aware of the new rules. More than 450,000 properties have to upgrade their smoke alarms before the end of 2021, costing landlords a lot of money.

    Many property managers may send their landlords just one quote for this work. I wanted to let Queensland landlords know that there is now a free service where they can instantly receive 3 independent quotations for their smoke alarm upgrades, saving them time and money. Landlords don't have to use their current smoke alarm service company to also do the upgrades when there is a better alternative.

    To use this free service, visit Smoke Alarm Quotes and take it for a Test Drive. Smoke Alarm Quotes is not a smoke alarm company and we don't sell or service smoke alarms. We are an unbiased and independent comparison service.

    I hope this helps all Queensland landlords save money.

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