Product Profiles

    • When the Reserve Bank of Australia abolished the indirect fees banks charged for accessing money from ATM transactions in March 2009, they opened up a whole new market in which 20% return was the minimum offered read more

    • All property investors separate their deductible and non-deductible debts to make claims for interest deductions straightforward and clear. And all property investors prioritise repayment of non-deductible debt as an instinctive thing. read more

    • Its been projected that interest rates are set to remain at a record low for at least the first half of this year, yet Australians are feeling the increasing competition of foreign investors as they enter the property market. One of the main causes of this is namely the implementation of the government’s “significant investor visa” program. read more

    • The property markets in Port Hedland and Newman are poised for another boom in the coming months as the Pilbara’s latest mega project, the $10 billion Roy Hill iron ore mine, ramps up development, fuelling demand for accommodation in the project’s two key service centres. read more

    • Property ownership is a belief that many still aspire to, yet at the same time property affordability continues to be a growing concern. What if a different approach was applied to the property affordability problem? As Albert Einstein said "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." read more

    • For investors who've been around the traps of property investment long enough to become accustomed to the lingo of the game, then there’s a special group known as the 1% Club that serious players strive to become an unwritten member of. Basically the 1% Club is for investors in the possession of six or more investment properties. read more