Product Profiles

    • In the past, buying direct residential property inside of super was out of reach for most Australians, due mainly to the costs associated, and the high entry level to buy an average Australian property. To buy just one investment property in most states in Australia you are going to be up for costs of over $300,000. Therefore, in the past you would have needed at least $300,000 inside of your super fund to buy just one property, let alone all of the associated costs, such as stamp duty. read more

    • The Surat Basin has gone from strength to strength over the past years and now the market is really galloping. The rental market in Chinchilla, Miles and Wandoan has climbed substantially. However the prices of these properties still remain reasonable. With returns of up to 14.41% this would be the perfect addition to any property portfolio. read more

    • Investing in property is not rocket science, as most people have had prior experience either buying a property directly, or at least renting a property themselves. However, the rules for buying a direct investment property within super are a little different than buying a property in your own individual name. read more