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Are you a property investor looking to either start fresh in the market or expand your existing portfolio towards new levels of financial success? At W Financial we’re not just a mortgage broker, we are mortgage strategists. We’re an award winning team of highly accomplished property investors that have turned our experience and personal success through investing into an exclusive brokerage that sets it’s clients off on the right track from day 1.
Investing in property isn’t a simple game. There are sharp edges everywhere, the risk can be high, and the barrier to entry can sometimes seem colossal. We know through experience that if you can get the best suited finance that fits seamlessly with your life and financial situation- the rest of the process becomes far easier to cope with. With the right finance in place you not only make your life easier through the journey of property investment, but you set yourself up with the odds stacked in your favour for when the time is right to jump back into the market and bolster your portfolio once again. We give our clients that security, to make them confident and happy taking on their next investment.
In our minds, when a broker goes through the motions of securing finance for a client, there should be nothing mechanical or cookie cutter about it. Each client is unique, with living situations and financial circumstances that demand a tailored service. All too often we meet people who have taken the first option they were presented with because they didn’t have the experience to know there’s a lot more to consider than the product itself.  Successful investors need to consider things such as property selection, tax implications, insurance and forward planning; all these puzzle pieces need to fit together so that the ball drops firmly in your court.
We believe that not just good finance but the right finance forms the building blocks for a healthy portfolio that can grow on to bigger things for you and your family. At W Financial we’ve done over $500 million dollars worth of loans for investors, with an award winning team of mortgage strategists that find their passion in helping investors like you.
Our relentless nature in ‘going to bat’ for our investors to secure the kind of finance that works perfectly with their lives has earned us a respect and reputation that has drawn the plaudits that in our mind is just noise compared to the real payoff for us- and that’s helping people to safeguard their financial future. To us it’s always been about people, and our drive for wanting to help those who want to help themselves makes our business the right fit for serious investors that either want to get in the game or up the game.  
At the moment we’re giving away a limited amount of eBooks 100% free to the readers of Your Investment Property Magazine. This eBook; “What Every Investor Must Know Before You Choose a Lender” is written by W Financial’s Managing Director and multi award winning finance broker Michelle Coleman. To get your digital copy simply visit where you’ll be asked for your name and email, upon which we’ll immediately email you your copy which has the power to change the landscape of your portfolio in the making or your existing portfolio moving ahead and into the future. 

Disclaimer: information supplied by W Financial. While due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by contributors and/or sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.

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