Investing - a game of strategy and dedication to process the building of large property portfolios!

Ask any successful investor to pinpoint the one key factor that helped them achieve outstanding wealth from property and their answer would be, "my strategy".


As experienced investors ourselves, the staff at Capital 360, will tell you the same. See for yourself at one of our FREE National Property Briefings by clicking here in which we cover many of the property investment strategies used to create large property portfolios for our clients.


Each of our individually crafted investment strategies have helped transform our property purchases into outstanding wealth creation machines, and because we have all ensured these strategies were developed correctly from the beginning, with controlled direction and purpose, they continue to help turbo charge our property portfolios.


The planning, research and structuring that went into developing these investment strategies has ensured we all now have the knowledge required to excel our personal wealth to exponential levels.


As a national property advisory firm, made up of staff who have worked across the property market for collectively over 80 years and been involved in transacting more then $1.2 billion in real estate, we have the luxury and benefit of seeing how much difference a good strategy can make on the overall wealth creation possibilities of an investment purchase – and the flow on effects for a portfolio. Call us to make an appointment to see what we have done for many property portfolio owners.


Unfortunately, working in this type of profession means we also witness many possible property disasters. There are too many investors out there who continue to purchase properties without a solid plan for the future of their asset (and portfolio), simply because the idea of dedicating their time to the creation of the right strategy appears too difficult.


Let us assure you, buying without direction can be like handing over hundreds of thousands of dollars for a property that you will never see or experience the financial benefits from.


While developing a strategy that meets all of your needs, wants and goals as an investor is not an easy task, there is help out there when you need it.


If selected correctly, professional advisors can help you develop a suitable, and financially beneficial, strategy for your investment goals – not to mention provide the means and resources you may require to execute your strategy as you move throughout the ownership and management process.


At Capital 360, we like to offer our clients all of this and more, because we want to deliver the best possible purchase and portfolio management plan for your needs and goals. Our passion is leveraging our years of knowledge and expert advice to help you build a larger, higher performing property portfolio.


We walk you through a holistic combination of strategy development, purchase and management guidance to help you accelerate your wealth, using a calculated and low risk approach. We do this by assisting you to create an individually suited investment strategy and supervise you through the following successfully proven 8-step ‘360° approach’.


The Capital 360 approach

  1. Initial Property Strategy – setting your goals and desired outcomes as a property investor (5, 10 , 20 years plus). If you fail to plan, your pretty much planning to fail. We project manage this free of charge for our clients.
  2. Structure Strategy – exploring your ownership structure options (setting up your investment to benefit generations to come) for example buying in trust or a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Areas to consider here are:
    - Asset protection
    - Estate planning
    -Tax Planning

    We project manage this free of charge for our clients.
  3. Finance Strategy – exploring options to identify which finance options are both appropriate and flexible. Also developing a comfortable financial buffer and risk profile. We project manage this free of charge for our clients.
  4. Purchasing Step – undertaking extensive property purchase due diligence to identify the best property location, product (type of property) and time to buy. After property selection has been made we then act on your behalf (with the latest research data and our exceptional negotiation and auctioning tactics) to secure your high performing property.

    With a national team we are not wedded to a location close to our office as we are not a 1 office operation, we have the resources to buy where ever makes sense in the property cycle at that point in time, which is great for an investor looking for diversification as well as taking opportunity of state based property cycles.
  5. Add value (Renovation & Development)– investigating and planning any add value opportunities – usually renovation or development – to help you increase equity and rental, and allow you to reinvest sooner and safer.
  6. Property Management  – choosing suitable rental managers (supervising those managers) and conducting rental valuations to decide on the right amount to charge for rent and when to increase rent. We ensure you’ll get the most from your property management, therefore increasing your rental income and overall portfolio growth.
  7. Regular Property Portfolio Reviews – analysing the performance of your entire property portfolio at regular intervals in order to troubleshoot any problems. This step also involves us making appropriate adjustments to maintain the health of your investments and keep them performing at their peak (increasing cash flow and equity while decreasing costs and unnecessary debt). We perform this frequently free of charge for our existing clients.
  8. Vendor Advocacy – if the time should come when it best suits your needs to sell a property, we’re here to help you develop an unbeatable sales strategy (including choosing the selling agents, assisting with negotiations and auctions and organising legal representation). We manage the whole sales process from start to finish at no additional cost to our clients.


Capital 360 - Property Advisory & Buyers Agents operates in all most Australian Major Capital Cities and boasts staff with years of experience as qualified buyers’ agents, independent property valuers, accountants , licensed real estate agents, investment fund managers, property investment strategists and - most importantly - successful property investors.


See for yourself by attending one of our FREE National Property Briefings by clicking here in which we cover many of the property investment strategies used to create large property portfolios for our clients.


Whether it’s your first, fifth or twentieth property investment, as our client we will guide you through all this and more, to ensure you make the right decision for you to optimise your results and fulfil your property goals.


With Capital’s ‘360° approach’, you can buy, grow and protect your property portfolio with confidence.



For a FREE Portfolio Review Valued at $2497 or an FREE Initial Consult:

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For our website – click here.



The above information is supplied by Capital 360.

Disclaimer: while due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.


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