'It's the assurances that make it easier to invest with DHA...'

In early 2009, Sanjeev and Ranju made the decision to invest in residential property. Within six months they had purchased two DHA properties; one in Brisbane and the other in Adelaide.

‘We were ready to invest in property when I saw a DHA property advertised. I had little knowledge of DHA’s investment program, so we looked into it further,’ says Ranju.

The family were originally looking at properties in their home town of Sydney, but realised that investing interstate would be easy with DHA.

‘We’d looked at properties in Sydney, but for the price we wanted to pay, we were looking at an apartment or unit. Really what we wanted to buy was a freestanding house and something that was relatively new,’ says Ranju.

‘So when we saw an opportunity to invest in a new DHA house interstate, we were very interested..

‘Once we got our mind’s set we just couldn’t wait! We did our research on DHA overnight. It was easy because all of the information is so readily available on their website.’

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As parents of two, Sanjeev and Ranju wanted the ability to invest in property without adding any stress to their already busy lifestyle, so investing with DHA made sense.

‘We didn’t want to have weekends busy with anything else…we have two boys, it’s busy enough,’ says Ranju.

‘With DHA, we have guaranteed rent, a long-term lease and we don’t have to worry about things like day-to-day repairs and maintenance, or the tenants damaging our property.

‘Without these assurances, we wouldn’t have dared to invest in another state!

‘A peaceful night’s sleep is the main priority for us.’

After investing in their first DHA property, Sanjeev and Ranju didn’t wait long to secure their next investment.

‘We decided to invest interstate again, and wanted to go with DHA. After researching different areas, we decided to buy in Adelaide,’ says Sanjeev.

When making their second purchase Sanjeev and Ranju were comfortable with the DHA sales process; they knew it would be easy.

‘We didn’t inspect the property because we knew we didn’t need to. DHA tell you everything up front, like the details of the property, the lease terms and anything else you might need to know,’ says Ranju.

‘We know they won’t hide anything or tell us the wrong thing; it’s all spelt out in the lease agreement.

‘We’ll see it some time when we go to Adelaide, but we won’t go especially to inspect it,’ says Sanjeev.

‘When we did our research, the only thing we could see as a possible limitation was that if we needed to sell the property during the lease term, we’d have to sell it to another investor.’

‘But that wasn’t going to stop us, in fact, it suits us!’ Ranju interjects, ‘What we want is to hold the properties, get the rental income, and after our leases end in 12 or 15 years decide what to do with them.’

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Sanjeev and Ranju have no doubt that property was the right investment choice for them.

‘We don’t want to rely on other people’s decisions with our money, so we wouldn’t go with a managed fund, and with shares you’ve got to know a lot,’ Ranju explains.

‘Property is the right choice for us. It’s a long-term investment and that’s what we want. We’re looking at long-term plans, not taking risks to make big money in the short-term.

‘But we didn’t want the hassles you sometimes get with other real estate. Things like late rent payments, and phone calls about day-to-day maintenance or tenant damage to the property.’

‘It’s the assurances that make it easier to invest with DHA. Like some of the repairs and maintenance they look after, and the fact that they will repaint and recarpet our properties before we get them back,’ adds Sanjeev.

‘With DHA, we’ve invested all this money but we don’t ever need to call and talk to anyone, and they don’t call us with problems, like telling us something needs to be fixed,’ says Ranju.

‘With DHA, there are no surprises!’

Feel assured with your next investment.


Attention: Investment is subject to DHA's lease terms and conditions of sale. Investors retain some responsibilities and risks. The opinions in this testimonial reflect the experience of this particular investor as at July 2010. Prospective investors should seek independent advice.

The above information is supplied by Defence Housing Australia.
Disclaimer: while due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.

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