Property investment to financial freedom - get savvy and get the edge!

The most effective way to succeed as a property investor is to purchase a true value leveraging machine - a property that will produce enough capital growth to allow you to reinvest frequently and well into the future, growing your wealth faster and safer.

Even after decades of providing investors an unparalleled avenue to create wealth - with relatively low risk and cash input - the Australian property market continues to grow as the favoured asset class for our nation. And as it's popularity continually grows, so too does the competition to secure the big growth-potential properties, forcing investors to become savvier all the time.

But making money from investing in property is not a new idea and even savvy sometimes isn't enough. One great challenge still remains. That is, finding and securing a high capital growth potential property before the hordes of other investors stampede towards your property with the same vision.

The secret to coming out on top is to focus on attacking the process of property investing in a new way - a holistic way.

It's time to investors to step up and focus on the 360 degree approach of investing in property.  With increased competition from other investors, it is not enough anymore to simply buy right or negotiate well. Investors need to learn that a more rigorous and holistic approach to each property purchase is necessary if they want to outperform.  This 360 degree approach enables a planned and calculated strategy - that will prepare them for success in the many steps of investing in property to come. These steps include:

  • setting your goals and desired outcomes as a property investor
  • exploring your ownership structure options (setting up your investment to benefit generations to come) for example buying in trust or a Self Managed Super Fund (which is increasing in popularity at a great rate)
  • developing a finance strategy that is both appropriate and flexible
  • undertaking extensive property purchase due diligence to identify the best property location, product (type of property) and time to buy
  • staying ahead of your competitors by keeping up to date with the latest negotiation and auctioning tactics.
  • investigating and planning add value potential for your property of choice (renovation or development) - increasing equity and rental as much as possible!
  • planning for property management - choosing suitable rental managers (supervising those managers) and conducting rental valuations to decide on the right amount to charge for rent. Therefore increasing your rent (ie your income).
  • scheduling and preparing for portfolio reviews - analysing the performance of your entire property portfolio at regular intervals to troubleshoot any problems and making appropriate adjustments to maintain the health of your investments and keep them performing at their peak (increasing cashflow and equity while decreasing costs and unnecessary debt), and;
  • considering a sales strategy (if and when that time should come)

Our strategy and mission statement at Capital Property Advisory is to guide you through all of these steps in order to deliver the best possible purchase and portfolio management plan for your needs and goals. Our passion is leveraging our years of knowledge and expert advice to help you build a larger, higher performing property portfolio.

Capital Property Advisory operates in all major Australian Capital Cities and boasts staff with years of experience as qualified buyers' agents, independent property valuers, licensed real estate agents, investment fund managers, property investment strategists and - most importantly - successful property investors.

Capital Property Advisory specialises in growing portfolios from 1 or 2 properties owned to 10 - 20 plus, so if this is your dream, then best you speak to the experts that specialise in this. At Capital, we don't just talk about wealth creation and a plan to get there, we implement it on behalf of our clients weekly...making our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars richer every single week!  

Whether it's your first or fifth property investment, as our client we will guide through all this and more, to ensure you make the right decision for you to optimise your results and fulfil your property goals.

With Capital's 360-degree property investment approach, you can buy, grow and protect your property portfolio with confidence.

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The above information is supplied by Capital Property Advisory.
Disclaimer: while due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.


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