What is Wealth building?

Wealth building is not for everyone. You have to maintain a particular mindset being intuitive and rational. Intuitive means you see the big picture and rational means you use logic and homework to make decisions.

Custodian WealthBuilders is a 'managing developer' for people wanting to build a residential investment property portfolio.

Nearly 80% of our clients are professionals who have adopted the Custodian philosophy of investing with a focus on growth and then using that growth to duplicate therefore accessing compound growth.

"Compound Growth is the eighth wonder of the world" Albert Einstein

Compound growth is a process whereby the value of an investment increases exponentially over time.

This is a different philosophy to that of a positive cash flow investor who may not achieve optimum growth nor be able to duplicate.

There are vital components necessary in synchronising an investment to enable the investor to firstly achieve growth, and then be in a position to duplicate.

Definitions of investment may vary but clinically the only objective of an investment is to provide income or growth. Custodians are growth-focused investors.

What is Growth-Focused Investing?
Custodian, being the managing developer, is the integrator of all the components necessary for clients to achieve a performing investment.

The responsibility of integration is to ensure that the client has an asset with a focus on growth that they can use to duplicate.

Included are the fragments of:

  • identifying; the right location
  • ensuring adequate land content
  • proper established capital benchmarks
  • low rental vacancies
  • growing demographics with 7 out of 10 owner occupiers
  • proximity to vital infrastructure
  • room for growth in a market
  • buying in an affordable bracket
  • affordable rental
  • financing to 90-95%
  • debt service ratio to 40%+
  • ensure the bank valuation is disclosed and the investors principle place of residence is not cross collateralised
  • solid rental income and full tax deductibility of the entire structure
  • identifying land and ensuring that civil costs are contained
  • buildings are built without overcapitalising on time and on budget, as guaranteed by us, 'your managing developer' and finally
  • you have tenants ready to move into your properties upon completion, as guaranteed by us

These are just some of the fragments that we, as the integrator, bring together to create a performing investment.

And that's just getting started, the real building of wealth comes when we track recent comparable sales to your investment property to prove growth so that your bank valuer can adjust the security value for the bank creating equity for you to duplicate.

That's what integration does and that's our job as managing developer.

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Unfortunately a lot of Australians are the opposite. They get bogged down in the detail and make decisions based on emotion. Little wonder that nine out of ten Australians will retire on an income below the median wage.

The above information is supplied by Custodian WealthBuilders.

Disclaimer: while due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.

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