Property Investment Q&A

  • My girlfriend’s parents want to buy an investment property, which we will live in and rent from them for the time being. In the future, we would take over the mortgage from them and pay off the remainder of the loan. I was wondering, are we able to take over the mortgage from them easily, or are there tax implications to think about? read more

  • I was wondering how having six or more properties can lead to someone paying little to zero tax? read more

  • I own a house that has been a trouble free investment until recently. One of the neighbours has threatened a concession of my tenants, who are all breaking their leases early because of him. If it happens again, would I be able to sue the owner of the offending neighbour’s house for compensation? read more

  • A lot of cheaper properties are, well, yuck. I know you’re supposed to look at them through the eyes of a prospective tenant, but I grew up in a blue collar suburb just like the one I am looking at and I can’t imagine many people would want to live in some of the houses I’ve been seeing I’ve read investment advisers saying that I’m wrong and that I’d be surprised who would be willing to rent certain properties, but surely there is a line? I want to buy cheap, but isn’t there a limit to how seedy you can go? read more

  • I’ve seen a Rushcutters Bay property listed for, what I reckon, is easily $90,000 more than it is worth. I’ve tried testing the waters by putting in an offer for $100k less than the asking price, but the real estate agent has come back to me saying the vendor is not prepared to negotiate read more

  • I’ve decided that lots of lower priced properties is a better way to go. What’s proving difficult about this strategy is negotiating with vendors to get a better price. What’s the best way to do it? read more

  • My property manager has noticed that our tenants have installed new lighting fittings across the house and have improved the kitchen cupboards. They’ve repainted rooms (the same colour) and shampooed the carpets – all out of their own pocket and without permission. Now I’m curious what will happen if they one day want to leave. read more

  • I’m in the process of buying some land and constructing an investment property in my name. Can I move into the house for say one to two weeks without changing it to my primary residence and put it up for rent and claim a period of six year capital gains exemption? read more

  • I’ve found what I believe is the perfect suburb to be investing in but I can’t find a property I like. Is it ever worth buying a so-so property just because it is in a really great area? read more