Property Investment Q&A

  • Q: I’m an investor with 4 properties located in Sydney. In the last year or so I have had valuations done on two of my properties by professional valuers. In both cases I had more than one valuation done as there appeared to be no consensus on the properties' value. Indeed, the low and high valuations varied by $80,000 on one and $95,000 on the other house. read more

  • My wife and I own our townhouse (strata title) outright with no mortgage. It’s valued at around $300,000 and located in NSW. We hope to sell this and buy a bigger house later in the year so we have more space for our children. Do you think we should we buy the new house before jumping into the property investment market? read more

  • I've just bought a rental property – a two-bedroom unit in inner Brisbane. As this is my first investment property, is it better to have it managed through a professional property manager or should I self-manage? I've heard some cases where I can't get landlord’s insurance if I self-manage, is this true? read more

  • I believe that long-term property investment is much safer than investing in shares and would therefore prefer to use my superannuation to buy an investment property. Is this easy to do? read more

  • Question: I've been paying my PPOR diligently over the past three years and brought down my LVR to 60%. My broker advised that I could top it up to 90% and use this as a deposit to buy a new house or two units as an investment. I also have some cash (about $60,000) sitting in my offset account so I'm wondering if it's better to use this money rather than take out about $70,000 from my PPOR? read more

  • Could being application happy cost you in the long run? read more

  • Q:I’m looking at investing in property at the moment, but the share performance is also enticing me to put my money in that asset class. At this stage of the cycle, is it better to put my money on shares or property? I already own some shares but I don’t have investment property. Any advice on how I can get started with property investing? read more

  • Q:I’m having problems getting a low-doc loan. I have a couple of properties in a trust and would like my next property to also be in a trust. I can get a loan with a 40% deposit or if I put the property in my own name, but they are two options I don’t really want or can’t do. Being self-employed and not required to register for GST makes it hard for me to ‘service the loan on paper’ as some of my income is of a cash nature. read more

  • Q:As a first-time buyer of your magazine (Feb 2010), I have to say how useful this edition has been and I have not even got past page 11! I would like to ask a couple of questions as UK residents who have been here for three-and-a-half years and are about to complete our permanent residency. read more