General QnA - Property Investment Q&A

    • An investor with a $450,000 budget is looking for advice on what and where to buy in Sydney. Read on for the interesting tips that the Your Investment Property online forum community sent their way. read more

    • When you buy off-plan units, is there a way to calculate the right price for an off-plan project in a certain area? Or is there a guideline to compare the price of a brand new apartment to that of a five-year-old apartment with similar features in a similar location? read more

    • I know that depreciation doesn’t apply to properties built before 1985, but what about renovations done since then? If I install a new kitchen for example, can I start claiming depreciation on that because it was installed after 1985? read more

    • I’ve had the same tenant for three years and haven’t increased the rent since he’s been there. I’m starting to feel the pinch financially with my mortgage and need to up the rent. My problem is that the tenant said he’ll move out if I do and I don’t have a buffer in place to deal with even a short vacancy. How can I manage this situation? read more

    • I’m eager to start picking up more investment properties, there’s just one problem: I’ve recently become self-employed and worry about my ability to get finance. What can I do to reassure the bank that extending me a line of credit is safe? read more

    • We’re looking to get an investment property and are thinking Warrnambool, Vic. Some houses there are ex-commission selling at a cheaper rate. They’re in decent knick, but I worry that the value will be stagnant compared to other houses in the area. Can these types of houses be good investments? read more

    • I’m married with three children and looking for my first investment property. We’re both self-employed and own our home outright, worth $450k. I have a deposit of $120k and pre-approval of $400k. Knowing this information, would a buyer’s agent be beneficial? read more

    • I recently found a great property, but it’s been on sale for over 200 days, despite being only $350,000 and in a popular suburb. There doesn’t seem to be any serious structural damage, but could there be something I am overlooking? Could a great deal like this really have been ignored by the general public? read more

    • I own a Sydney property, but there seems to be no consensus on its value. I’ve had multiple professional valuations done and they’ve returned figures that differ by as much as $100k and no one’s explained why. How come these valuers can’t be made to justify their “professional” opinion? read more