General QnA - Property Investment Q&A

    • Are there any cases where off-the-plan properties are good investments? read more

    • I own a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Sydney, but my finances are thinning and I am struggling to find a good, long-term tenant. What are some tips on locating, securing and maintaining a tenant? read more

    • Q: My husband and I have been looking at home loans. We’ve noticed that fixed rates are looking good at the moment. We’re happy with our investment property and want to hold onto it indefinitely, the repayments are more than manageable and our LVR is pretty safe at around 70%. We’re therefore not too concerned about break costs. Are there any other issues that we need to bear in mind when considering fixed versus variable at the moment? read more

    • Q: My husband and I are in WA and want to buy an investment property. We are exploring the idea of buying interstate, but worry that buying sight unseen could be too much of a risk. What’s the best way we can go about our research in an unfamiliar market? read more

    • I want to sell the home I bought six years ago. The area has experienced particularly strong growth in housing prices, so I’m expecting to sell for more than I originally paid. But the real decision I’m struggling with is whether to renovate the property before putting it on the market. Is renovating really worth the time financially? read more

    • Q: I am in the midst of purchasing my first property but, with all the talk about interest rates possibly rising in the long term, I am stuck between choosing a fixed or variable interest rate loan. Am I likely to pay more for my mortgage in the long run under a fixed interest rate loan set-up, than if I choose a variable interest rate? read more

    • Q: I’m looking at financing options for property investing. My income is $80k (pa) and I’m looking to purchase around the $500,000-600,000 mark. I’m told cash flow positive properties are less risky, but would it make more financial sense to negatively gear my investment? How can I make money if it is negatively geared? read more

    • Q: I have bought two IPs in my local area and, while they’re not performing outstandingly, they do ok and I feel safe that I know the area. However, the more I read about property investing the more it seems that I should be investing in multiple areas/states. Is it really worth the effort to make my portfolio ‘diverse’? Am I really that much at risk if I stick to my local area? read more

    • Q: The reno bug has bitten and I want to improve the look of my investment property. Is it necessary to use a professional or could I just do a budget renovation myself? read more