Tenants go to heaven, landlords go to jail?



A landlord who sneaks into his tenant’s biscuits and beers, a landlady who sings outside her tenant’s window – Your Investment Property surveyed Aussies who broke from their leases early and the following are their comments on what bothered them most about their landlords:


We found out that our landlord was constantly coming in when we were not home. He’d move things around and eat our snacks or drink our beers. We moved out of there quick.   -- Paul, Melbourne

Our last landlord had no interest in doing repairs. The toilet was leaking, and since its pipe was attached to the laundry, the leak would go all over the bathroom and laundry floor. It was disgusting and he refused to fix it. We got out of our lease six months early because he was so bad.   -- Wilma, Brisbane

My landlord used to peek into the windows at random times and it felt like we were always being watched. Once, I was getting ready to shower when I hear "Hello Kylie" from the other side of the window. That was uncomfortable to say the least.   -- Kylie, Sydney

We were renting but owned property ourselves and were trying hard to be good landlords. It was thus ironic that we ended up with a complete moron for a landlord. He kept forgetting how much the rent was and never kept records of whether we paid him or not. Soon he started telling us we’d missed payments, which we hadn’t. We jumped ship on the lease very early.   -- Selene, Sydney

We stayed in a unit where the landlady was living next door. Every morning at about 6am she would go into the garden and feed the birds, singing at the top of her lungs while she was right outside our window. After months of frustration with this, we asked if she could stop. She said if we didn’t like it we could leave, so we did.   -- Jackie, Sydney

We told the landlord that we found a new house that was closer to our jobs and were going to move out in four weeks. It was no problem because there was no lease. About two weeks before we were due to go, the landlord was quite upfront and admitted that he didn’t have the bond. We knew him on a personal level, so he begged if we could stay an extra two weeks to get the value of the bond back. We agreed, only because we knew him, but it was still annoying.   -- Tony, Newcastle  

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  • Trevor K says on 11/02/2013 06:58:59 AM

    What an eccentric collections of stories. I was expecting to hear "my landlord puts the rent up by 5$ each time". Or " my landlord takes months to repair problems". Not this stuff, this is trash, give the readers aka"property investors" something useful to work with from your survey results.

  • Greg says on 11/02/2013 06:49:27 PM

    Agree with Trevor K. Where did you dig up those respondents from, Weirdoville Heights?

    One bed bug I have with Tenants is when you rent a property, you rent it in an "as is" condition. If somethings not working, hot water etc, sure the Landlord must fix asap.
    I wish I had a dollar for every tenant that within a month of signing a lease start demanding for home improvements. Hand railing for the shower, new carpet, remove carpet as I have an allegy, re-align concrete driveway, move the carport gate & fence, install seperate switch for bathroom fan. The list goes on.
    If you're a good tenant and been renting for say 3 years, I'll consider. If you just moved in then answer's no, bugger off.

  • A renter says on 26/04/2013 04:27:24 PM

    How long since you've been renters Trevor and Greg? Me thinks quite some time.

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