6 Ways to transform a tiny bedroom

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A small bedroom can really take the shine off of a new house, especially if it’s your bedroom.

6 Ways To Transform A Tiny Bedroom

As much as you love the rest of a home, it’s tough to imagine yourself getting comfortable in a cramped box of a bedroom. But don’t write off that house yet!

Turning a small bedroom into a room you’re excited about takes a little bit of design magic, but it can be done. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your bedroom space.

1. Invest in your essentials
Figure out your bedroom must-haves and make them count. When space is at a premium, you aren’t going to be able to fit a full set of furniture, so choose carefully.

For most of us, the essentials include a bed. After that, it can be personal preference: perhaps a bedside table, small chair, clothes rack, or dresser. It really depends on your needs and your space.

When you’ve figured out which pieces are non-negotiable, look for items that complement each other or statement pieces. This might be a bed with an eye-catching headboard or an antique nightstand, whatever makes you feel good when you walk in the room.

2. Use floating shelves
Walls are usually seen as a flat surface best for hanging pictures, but that’s not all they’re good for. They’re also a wealth of storage space, thanks to floating shelves.

These are the flat ledges that look like they’re glued to the wall, but are actually attached with hidden brackets. While you don’t want to go overboard with these—they can clutter up a wall, fast—you can add two or three for a nice effect.

Floating shelves aren’t designed to bear much weight, so be selective about what you put on them. We suggest small indoor plants that don’t require much maintenance, like succulents or ivy.

3. Add a large mirror
Have you ever walked into a small restaurant and been shocked at how spacious it is, only to realise that you’re staring at a mirror? It’s a trick businesses often use to create the illusion of space, and it’s something you can use in your bedroom.

The bigger the better, but consider where you want to place it. It’s undoubtedly easier to prop a large mirror on the floor, but that can take up valuable space. If you can hang the mirror on a wall, do so with care and be sure it’s secure.

4. Careful use of colour
A colour scheme can make or break a small bedroom. Think light and airy, like whites or light blues. While a monochrome colour choice is good in small rooms, it’s not the time to go all-navy or all-red, especially if you don’t have a window.

Keep your basic palette light—for example, white walls, bedding, floors, and ceilings—but add bright colours like yellow or green in small doses. This could be pillows, picture frames, lampshades, or even a window frame.

Going easy on colour doesn’t mean sacrificing fun. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns, but stick to the ones that match your theme. Try patterned wallpaper on a single wall, stripes on your duvet, or even adding polka dots on the ceiling. Simple details can still bring a smile to your face in a small bedroom.

5. Go with an unconventional bed
It’s tough to talk about small bedrooms without looking at non-traditional beds. There are a few different options to think about, depending on your physical needs and bedroom layout.

First, there’s the murphy bed. This is the bed that flips up against the wall when not in use, freeing up major floor space, at least temporarily.

Next is a lofted bed. Make use of vertical space by lofting your bed up high, and sticking a desk, chair, or clothing storage underneath it. This is usually best for kids’ rooms, but can work for adults too!

If your ceilings are too low for a loft, go in the other direction and consider a platform bed. These beds sit on frames that are low to the floor, which gives the impression of a larger room.

6. Swap out your doors
Renters, this one might not be feasible for you, but homeowners, listen up! If you’ve got a small bedroom, then you know how annoying it is when you open the door and it bangs into something. It means leaving untouched space available so you can swing the door open, and it feels like a waste.

If this has you nodding your head, you might be a good candidate for a sliding door. They’re relatively easy to install and you have tons of options, from rustic barn doors to hidden pocket doors.

This way you don’t have to lose space for the door to open and close, though you will need to be mindful of the space on either side of the door.

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