Real Life Reno Blog: Post #9

I think I'm running out of time with the amount of work that still needs to be done.  

So here's what I've have done since the last post:

  • There' a little bit color on the walls now
  • Finished the tiling in the kitchen
  • Tiled the toilet and bathroom
  • Spray painted the outside (on the side themselves)
  • Currently halfway through hand painting the back and front of the house
  • Lots of steel work like balustrading; timber deck; and window trims will have to be done and we're making their way through that at the moment

Initial Fitment Of The Bath
We are now doing the initial fitment of the bath and ready to plumbing. We will finish off the tiling once the plumbing is done.

Bathroom Nearly Finished Now
The painting has been cut in at the top. We still have to do the architraves and finish off the tiles around the window. The vanity is now in but the basin isn't yet. The bath is in and floor tiles are finished. All in all another job nearly done.

Walls Have Been Repaired
The walls have been repaired and we're now ready to start the architrave.

Kitchen Not Far Away Either
The tiling is all completed in the kitchen and the wall have been repaired and ready to paint. All that's left will be the splashback and we'll be finished here also.

Toilet Also Nearly Finished
I have started to tile the toilet floor. The walls are done and the door is back on. I had to finish off the corners with paint and then the toilet room will be done too.

Eaves, Fascia Board and Gutter
We have used the spray gun to paint the eaves, the fascia board, and the gutter and they're now done. Next will be the front and back of the house.

Almost Finished With The Front Facade
We shifted from spray painting the sides to hand painting the front (and back) and we're now halfway through the front facade.

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