Why the Australian property environment is changing so fast



If your retirement plan relies on Real Estate, you absolutely must know what Jane Slack-Smith is about to reveal in her free webinar: The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018


Jane will show you how to protect yourself from devastating losses -- and -- capitalise handsomely in one of the most uncertain property climates in recent memory...

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If you haven’t heard of Jane Slack-Smith - she is not your average ‘guru’.

She's been named one of the Top 10 Property Experts by Money Magazine… one of the Top 4 Financial Influencers by Qantas...

She's been awarded the Australia's Mortgage Broker of the Year by Your Investment Property magazine (twice!)

… And she’s a sought after mentor, speaker and author in the property investment space. (Not to mention, a self-made property millionaire who has never earned more than an average salary.)

Credentials aside, there’s one important reason you should listen to what Jane’s got to say:


We could be staring down the barrel of the ‘perfect property storm’

And… whether you’re an experienced investor… or just looking to break into the market… your window of opportunity to prepare for this storm is closing fast.

Here are some alarming shifts you need to be aware of:

  • Your Borrowing Capacity Could Be Strangled: APRA is cracking down on investor loans and people are seeing their borrowing capacity slashed by hundreds of thousands of dollars. For new investors it’s making it much more difficult to get started and, for experienced investors, it’s slamming the brakes on portfolio growth.
  • You Could Be Saving For Years Longer Just To Buy Your “Entry Ticket” Into Property…With pressure from APRA to reduce the number of investment loans - Some banks (like ME Bank, Adelaide Bank and AMP) are dropping their maximum LVR as low as 70%. This means you’ll have to save a much bigger deposit… or… wait to build a lot more equity before buying your next property.
  • Interest-Only Loans Could Be A Thing Of The Past… Many investors are discovering that when they go to restructure their interest-only loans, they can no longer ‘afford’ them based on new lending criteria. They get forced into an interest PLUS principal loan which completely derails their investment strategy. (The spike in loan servicing costs is enough to land a lot of ‘mum and dad’ investors in significant cash flow trouble.)
  • Negative Gearing Is On The Way Out… If negative gearing is abolished in the future, it’s going to open up a huge ‘affordability gap’ for most investors… putting many properties completely out of reach. (If you earn $80k or less per year - this could leave gaping holes in your property strategy.)
  • Property Growth Is Likely To Flatten In Many Areas… Just buying anything in a ‘good suburb’ won’t be enough. If you want to see decent capital growth you’re going to need to be a lot more sophisticated with your choices.

All in all - it’s getting a lot harder for the average Australian investor to make money with property.



You Still Have Time To Prepare For The Storm (And Prosper Wildly)

Like with any major change, these shifts in the property landscape present a huge opportunity for savvy investors.

If you arm yourself with the right strategies and act now, you can set yourself up to profit while other investors flounder.

That’s exactly why Jane is putting on this free webinar: The New Rules For Investing In 2018

She wants to warn you about how the landscape is evolving -- AND -- what strategies you can adopt to profit from this change. (Even if you’re new to property and only earn an average income.)




In particular you will learn:

  • A simple investing strategy that lets you live where you want, with the lifestyle you want right now while minimising your living costs and growing your wealth through property. (You can send your kids to the best schools, live in a luxurious home, enjoy the innercity ‘high life’ and still be sitting pretty come retirement.)
  • How to collaborate with your family and friends to get into the market sooner before being crippled by looming lending changes. (When done right - this is a win/win situation for everyone involved.)
  • How to use the innercity apartment ‘oversupply’ to your advantage. (There’s a silver lining here that very few investors pick up on.)
  • The littleknown “home hopping” strategy that lets you sidestep lending limits so you can stretch your money further. (With this strategy you’ll be in the market and seeing capital gains while other investors are still struggling to pull together a monster deposit.)
  • How to use the Suburb Selector Software to uncover ‘futureproof’, investment-grade property so you experience above average growth. (You won’t just find the precise suburbs that will grow faster than the rest… but the precise streets within those suburbs… and the precise houses in those streets!)
  • How you can tap into your equity now so you’re prepared to buy Agrade properties when the time is right… (You’ll be in the box seat to snap up properties that unprepared investors are forced to unload onto the market… in 5 years’ time people will be calling you “lucky”!)
  • How to build equity faster through strategic renovations so you can grow your net worth actively rather than just sitting on your hands and hoping.

And heaps more.



Spaces for this webinar are limited, and this isn’t something you should put off. (The opportunity cost of letting this slide is far too high.)

So, if you’re interested in growing your wealth with property in 2018 (and beyond), and want to be one of the people who “get lucky” with property, click the link below and register for the free webinar now.

You can register for the free webinar here.

I guarantee you will not regret taking the time out of your day.


P.S. The Australian property environment is changing and only savvy investors will prosper. Jane Slack-Smith has her finger firmly on the pulse of the property market and is hosting a free webinar to share her best guarded insights. It’s called The New Rules For Investing In 2018. Go here and register for this free webinar to learn exactly what’s changing and how you can best capitalise over the next 2-15 years.


While due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.

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