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Discover how it's possible to set up a 6-figure annual income business on Airbnb in just 90 days... using other's people's properties!

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Free 60-Minute Online Training Event Reveals...

How Airbnb Paid Us Over $323,000 In Our First 12 Months Using Other People’s Properties... And How You Can Too! with Leading Aussie Experts, Nicole & Aaron Byerlee

Hurry! Limited To 100 Spots Only

You’re about to discover THE proven step-by-step system Nicole & Aaron used to set up a 6-figure income on Airbnb in as little as 12 weeks, renting out other people’s properties, with very little risk.

This 7-step system is designed to generate a highly-leveraged income fast, requiring on average, just 2–3 hours per day to run (once established).

No more saving for deposits. No more qualifying for home loans, negative-gearing or paying stamp duty...

Just positive cashflow free and clear, without the hassles of traditional property ownership!

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Attend This *Free 60-Minute Online Event* And Discover:

✓ The exact step-by-step formula Nicole & Aaron used to get paid $323,000 by Airbnb in their first 12 months

✓ How to find properties ideal for Airbnb that can give you positive cashflow to the tune of $1,000 – $3,000 per property, per month (a few of these could quickly replace your income)

✓ How to get property owners to say ‘YES!’ to your proposal to list their property on Airbnb

✓ How it’s possible to automate & systemise 90% of every last aspect of your business so you have a mostly passive full-time income with very part-time effort!

✓ The secrets to getting 80%+ occupancy week-in, week-out, all year long, from your listing

✓ Insider tips proven to set your listings apart & practically guarantee a full calendar & rave reviews

✓ And MUCH, much more!

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Meet Nicole & Aaron

After 25 years in the travel industry and then having two children, Nicole starting experimenting on Airbnb with their spare 3 bedroom unit at their Noosa House. This part-time strategy then turned into another property close by, then another property interstate followed by more and more properties that were perfect for Airbnb. Before long Nicole & Aaron had a thriving new age Airbnb business.

The business continues to grow by around 2 properties a month – they don't own them, they don't get mortgages for them, but they make thousands each month from them! The homeowners are ecstatic about the results, they love the cashflow and the Airbnb guests love their 5-star service. It really is a win/win/win!

Now here they are - the only people in Australia doing Airbnb this particular way and as they have always done - teaching it to others. Nicole & Aaron are so passionate about helping entrepreneurs live life on their terms and they believe that today there is no better business model than partnering with Airbnb and becoming a professional Airbnb property tycoon.

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Whilst we could easily charge $97 per ticket for this online event, Nicole & Aaron are on a mission to transform the way Australians make money and invest in real estate, and that’s why we’ve decided to give away a limited number of FREE spots to this education-packed, 60-minute event.

So don't delay. These online events will book out. GRAB YOUR FREE SPOT now, while you still can.

Presented by: Zadel Property Education

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